YouTube might have ditched the annual Rewind series, but it’s still planning to send off the year in style. An interactive 24-hour livestream event called Escape2021 will take place on December 16th.

Using the live chat, users will participate in challenges based on trends from this year, get involved in “real-time experience” and answer trivia questions, as Adweek notes. When viewers complete all of the challenges, they’ll be able to watch a musical performance from a mystery guest.

There will be three “chapters” within the stream to give viewers around the world a chance to take part. They start at midnight, noon and 7PM ET. As well as in English, Escape2021 will stream in German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

YouTube has roped in some superstar artists such as BTS and Doja Cat. Expect many popular YouTubers to appear as well, including Mark Rober, AyChristeneGames, Muselk and Jelle’s Marble Runs. LoFi Girl (of “beats to relax/study to” fame) is the protagonist of Escape2021 and she’ll be featured at the start of the stream and in between the three chapters.