Website Design Trends for 2019 - West Hollywood Tech Support
This years website design trends are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, boring with a splash of coral. Wake me up when it's over. “creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” — a quotation often attributed to Albert Einstein.


One of the most dominant web design trends in 2019 will be the retro and outlined typography. The outlines act as shapes when well executed, which means the type plays a role in boosting your visual composition.

Geometric and organic shapes

On more and more of the top designed sites this year, colorful shapes are being used.

Split Screen Design

The split-screen esthetic–where a desktop screen is divided into two parts of information that breaks into vertical content blocks on larger systems–is an approachable way to design content that operates with a relatively seamless UX across devices. Split Screen Design While many of these models began displaying side-by-side "displays" that looked comparable, more models are moving to content-related asymmetric divisions. This can generate more hierarchy for desktop customers in layout, with higher significance being given to the bigger product. (It is presumed that the top product is more essential for mobile visitors.)

Update your Website Priorities

Marketing first, mobile, then desktop. Get it now.
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