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Viral Marketing - Start Buzzing
Viral marketing may be defined as any online marketing technique that induces users or websites to pass on an indirect marketing message to other users or sites, thus creating a potentially exponential growth in the messages effect and visibility. One example of a successful viral marketing campaign is Hotmail. A company that's now owned by Microsoft often promotes its own advertiser's and service messages, in every users email notes.

No matter what people say about viral marketing, we cannot deny the fact that these types of campaigns generate a huge amount of brand awareness and buzz, whether they are carried out offline or online.

Here are some basic handy tips that will most definitely help you out in your viral marketing campaign. They are:

1.Giveaways - Don't we all just love things that are free? The word 'Free' itself makes everyone happy. The giveaway model always works. But more importantly it works well both on the online commercial platform and off it.

2.2. Videos - Videos are very viral-friendly, so using them as a medium can almost guarantee you instant viral success. And while you’re at it, try making your videos funny. People always are in the mood for a good laugh.

3.3. Visibility - Create a buzz. Then all you go to do is, sustain it. The idea is to have people talking about your business. All the time!

So, follow the tips mentioned above and learn how to launch your viral marketing campaign right off the bat.
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