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A Three Step Formula for an Effective Keyword Research
Professional keyword research is important because it helps you understand the search terms that are used by the customers who are interested in buying your products or use your services. Also it helps you identify which of these keywords have more competition in the Internet arena. A good research will also help you realize if there are any opportunities that let you utilize keywords that are less popular and help in boosting the growth of relevant traffic.

1.The First Step: This is the step that requires you to brainstorm all the search terms that have potential. You can do this by browsing through the content present on your site. You can also come up with a term or a key phrase that best describes the product that you are offering. Next, formulate a list that contains all the probable search terms your users can key in while looking up your product. You can also take insights from your competitors' web sites. If they rank high, you can always incorporate their techniques for enhancing the page rank of your web site.

2.The Second Step: In this step, you can categorize your keywords into various classes. For example, a branded keyword is something that uses a phrase or a term that is directly related to your company. On the other hand, category keywords use terms that are much more general. For a professional keyword research, separate your keywords into various classes like large scale keywords, long tail keywords, etc. You can even create your own categories for easy categorization.

3.The Third Step: The last step of this three step formula requires you to prioritize keywords. While carrying out this procedure, you should pay attention to those keywords that are most relevant to your web site's content. Also, you should take those keywords into consideration that bring in highest quality traffic.
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