Rivian R1S First Drive Review: The SUV finally arrives! (sort of)

Abigail Bassett, Autoblog

Rivian’s second consumer vehicle is poised to expand the limited options in the fully-electric seven-seater SUV market. Autoblog took the 2022 model for a spin both on-road and off to see how the automotive startup’s latest product performs. 

‘I don’t know how my show is doing’

Kathryn VanArendonk and Josef Adalian, Vulture

Streaming services have loads of data on how shows perform, but according to showrunners, the companies aren’t forthcoming with the specifics when it comes time to renew or cancel a series. “It’s like reading something where everything is redacted except stuff that makes you feel bad about your show,” one of them told Vulture.

Boston Dynamics: Inside the workshop where robots of the future are being built

Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes

60 Minutes goes inside the facility where Boston Dynamics builds all of its robots after years of trying to get a foot in the door.