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The Principles of Viral Marketing
Viral marketing can be described as a strategy that is used to spread information by word of mouth. It encourages individuals to pass on marketing messages to other people. This helps in creating potential for growth in a message's growth and influence.

This strategy has the advantage of multiplying rapidly. It is also referred to as “creating a buzz”, “network marketing”, “leveraging the media”, etc. A classic example of successful marketing campaign will be Hotmail. This is the first free email service. The strategy they used was very simple. They started by dishing out free email accounts and services. Then they attached an advertisement for a free email service along with their URL. The people who received mails and messages from the already existing Hotmail users found out about their service and eventually started signing up for themselves.

However you do it, it is important to remember the following principles for effective viral marketing. All these campaigns need not include these elements, but the more of these that you implement will bring in effective results.

1.A good strategy should always be to disclose the products and services that your company is selling and endorsing.

2.It should also provide effortless transfer for other people.

3.Your marketing should be scalable. It should scale from small to the very large.

4.Try and exploit the common behavior and motivations in your campaign.

5.Always use the existing networks for communication purposes. Don't try and venture with the new ones.

6.Take advantage of different resources for your viral marketing strategy.
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