While nothing can truly match the real thing, a number of stationary , for instance, can stay locked in place or switch to leaning mode. Alternatively, you can put a bike on rocker plates for that side-to-side motion.

It appears Muoverti’s goal is to bring together elements from other bikes and to elevate the experience. As it stands, some features that serious cyclists will be looking for don’t seem to be available, such as vertical climb simulation, so it might be a better fit for more casual riders. Still, with its stylish frames, TiltBikes look a bit more like actual bikes than rival models.

Muoverti hasn’t announced pricing for TiltBikes as yet, though given that some configurations don’t include a display, they could prove less expensive than some other models. The company plans to ship the stationary bikes in 2022, giving you some time to find a decent wind machine to get the full outdoor riding effect.