Marketplace Terms of Service

The marketplace is open to the public. Anyone can register to buy or sell in the marketplace. Hollywood Tech Support also posts to the marketplace as a vendor.

We review each registration before approving new vendors or affiliates.
Vendor posts are monitored for content and policy violations.

We reserve the right to remove any vendor’s posted item we feel is inappropriate, violates a policy, or for any reason. The site admin is the sole arbiter of who is accepted as a vendor and what they can or can’t post for sale. The site admin can suspend or delete any account or post, for any reason, with or without warning. We do our best to protect our marketplace from bad actors, but let the buyer beware. Look at vendor reviews, and ask questions. 

Disputes between vendors and users are resolved by submitting your request using the ticket support system. It can take up to 7 days for the admin to review your request and investigate your case, the admin will suggest a solution that both parties can agree to. If the parties still can’t come to an agreement within 48hrs, the admin will render a decision for both parties.

Both buyers and sellers agree to accept the decisions rendered by the site admin, in any, and all marketplace disputes. This includes Holding payments and or refunding payments and commissions. Vendors who violate any terms will forfeit proceeds from that sale and is responsible for any shipping charges incurred.